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What is Stand Up's position on the Arab-Israeli conflict?


Stand Up only engages in political discourse regarding campaigns with which we’re actively involved and for the purpose of promoting those projects. We are not currently involved in any campaign that relates to Israel and Palestine.

Our aim is to work with vulnerable communities in Australia. We currently do not work with any communities in Israel or the Middle East.

As a Jewish organisation, we recognise Israel as the sovereign expression of the Jewish people’s right of self-determination.  We support the long held two-state solution to achieve a long lasting peace.

We will not fund or work with any organisation whose policy or actions give sufficient cause to believe that they do not recognise Israel’s right to exist as the sovereign state of the Jewish people. We will not partner with any organisation that demonstrates an antagonistic position towards Israel and the peace efforts in the Middle East. We do careful due diligence before partnering with any organisation to ensure that our values align.

We applaud the excellent work of Jewish organisations in Australia that raise funds for and awareness about social justice and poverty in Israel.