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General Behaviour

  1. Act in accordance with the following procedures set out by Stand Up:
    • Be accountable, reliable, punctual, and notify your supervisor as soon as possible with respect to any change in availability;
    • Start the program or activity at the scheduled time (if you cannot attend, notice is required at least one (1) week in advance except in unforeseen circumstances);
    • Accept the privacy and dignity of fellow Personnel;
    • Agree to work in a safe and healthy way and not jeopardise the health or safety of others;
    • Remain alcohol, drug free, and not smoke, while performing your duties;
    • Advise Stand Up of any personal or health limitations (e.g.  bad back – no lifting) that may affect one’s ability to undertake particular tasks;
    • Do not offer or accept personal gifts on Stand Up programs unless explicitly permitted by your supervisor 
    • Do not engage in harassment or bullying behavior in any form with Personnel, or people receiving service from Stand Up;
    • Do not engage in sexual behavior with any client of Stand Up;
    • Fully familarise and abide by the procedures outlined in Stand Up’s Child Protection Policy 
    • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear that is not offensive to people receiving a service from Stand Up, Personnel;
    • Respect the property, equipment and resources of Stand Up, ensuring it is secured against theft or misuse and not used for personal purposes unless permission has been granted by Stand Up’s senior staff;
    • Always put safety first and report newly identified risks to your direct supervisor;
    • Contribute to the continuous improvement of our work by identifying problems, making suggestions for improvements and listening and acting on feedback about performance;
    • Carry out the work legally, responsibly, ethically and to the best of your ability;
    • Give constructive feedback, communicating relevant and important information;
    • Follow the complaints procedure provided to you to resolve any conflict with other employees or members of Stand Up.


  2. Failure to comply with the standards outlined above may result in disciplinary action or dismissal.  If you have any questions regarding the above code of conduct or policies related to points within, please contact your supervisor.