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The Stand Up Fellowship

A fellowship for adults, of any age, that has been reimagined into a program that teaches participants how to build power in civil society. A program that looks at the mechanics of social change and social movement theory, and how to convert and harness these theories into decentralised, community level action. Where we train change makers in the social change and civil society sectors with the skills to achieve systems change for a better world.

To accomplish the vision of Stand Up: Jewish people realising an Australia free from systems and attitudes that entrench disadvantage—we need to provide Jewish people with the skills and knowledge required to do so. The realisation of a better Australia will require more than just a shift in attention—it requires intentional structures that improve the capacity and ability of the community to create enduring social change.

This fellowship is not designed to help people understand how to start or run a not-for-profit organisation—it is designed to equip people with the skills to build and win their own campaign and/or how to join an existing political, social or justice movement that is agitating for change that requires shifts to the status-quo.

Almost 100 young people have done the Stand Up fellowship between 2014 and 2020. A year-long leadership and social entrepreneurship course for Jewish young adults aged 22 – 32 that provided Fellows with unique leadership development and community building opportunities and immersed participants in group experiences that fostered social conscience, creativity, innovation, ingenuity and inspiration.

Now, we're shifting gears and changing the dynamic and goal of our iconic Fellowship, building on its incredible foundation but taking it in a new direction.