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Why we exist:

For 27 years, Stand Up has channelled the collective energy and expertise of the Australian Jewish community to appreciate and fulfill our responsibility to improve our world. We provide avenues for our community to act on ancient and contemporary Jewish calls to pursue social justice.

What we do:

We work tirelessly to mobilise, inspire and educate the Jewish community and we channel this energy into work with marginalised communities to break down systems, attitudes and barriers that entrench racism, apathy and disadvantage. For decades, we have proudly worked together with refugee and First Nations communities in Australia in the shared pursuit of social justice.

What's next?

Our challenge in 2021 has been not just to build on that work, but to expand and enrich it. We've asked ourselves the questions; what unique contribution can we make to the social justice landscape? How can we continue to forge bonds and bring people and communities together? Here's what's new about us: