Introducing our new partners:

We're proud and excited to be partnering with the Centre for Multicultural Youth—Community Support Groups & Children's Ground for our new programs. Watch the video to learn more about their work and our new partnerships.

Aunty Milly

What I like about the Stand Up 'Jewish mob' is… the visits. Well, on behalf of the Community anyway, I just love the 'Jewish mob' coming up to our communities (Toomelah and Boggabilla) because they bring so much happiness and joy to our Community, to our service and especially our kids in the community. They love their presence, and what they do, and all the help that they give to the children, all the activities they bring along with them. Just their smile and the relationship that we have with them… it’s a positive impact on everyone in our community.

— Aunty Milly

What we've achieved together

Stand Up's achievements, over 27 years, are your achievements too. When we say that we channel the collective energy and expertise of the Australian Jewish community to realise a just Australia for everyone, we mean it. We are proud of our programs that look 'outwards', beyond the Jewish community, that provide avenues to act on ancient and contemporary Jewish calls to pursue social justice, avenues that expand the horizons of Jewish people and make the world a better place. With your continued support, we can fulfil and continue the promise we’ve made to the Jewish community and the partner communities we work with: to relentlessly pursue and achieve justice.

At Stand Up, we're about more than just numbers. Our achievements are also measured through powerful stories and experiences, like this one from Nehama, a participant on our Derech Eretz program in January 2020:

Nechama on Derech Eretz in early 2020

I feel so incredibly lucky to have grown up in Australia - a land of great beauty, abundance, and opportunity. Australia is more than just my home, it is a sanctuary that was gracious to my family when humanity was not. While I'm so grateful to this country, I grew up quite unaware and detached from a history of intolerance that existed in my own backyard. I had never met or engaged with First Nations people and was unknowing of their culture, resilience, or triumphs.

Participating in Stand Up's Derech Eretz program was in a sense life-changing. I played, I talked, I listened, I saw, I learnt. I learnt about a rich culture of intriguing practices and stories, of connection and imagination, and of kind people. The Elders spoke to us about the tough times and the happy times, and the kids showered us in hugs and exhausted us with their endless energy.

This was a heartwarming and educational experience that deeply reminded me to care about and celebrate one another. We are sharing in this human experience - we are a collective - and we are entwined in each other's fates. While Australia's past cannot be altered, I hope that Australia - now and in the future, reflects the multi-cultural sentiments of respect and inclusion that make being an Australian so unique and beautiful.


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