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Our Journey

Our Journey is a one-to-one partnership program bringing South Sudanese and Sudanese migrants together with Jewish ‘buddies’ to build trusting, meaningful and action-oriented relationships. By facilitating these partnerships, we aim to help partners work through and overcome systemic barriers that perpetuate disadvantage experienced by migrant and refugee communities. 

We are thrilled to collaborate with the Centre for Multicultural Youth’s South Sudanese Community Support Groups (CMY-CSGs) in delivering Our Journey. CMY-CSGs strengthens the accessibility of services and supports for South Sudanese families and communities, aims to empower young people and families, and helps to mitigate against factors that contribute to youth disengagement through their various programs.

Stand Up and CMY-CSG are here to support you, from training to regular debriefing, and to be the fallback for any problems that may arise. We’ll also have exciting events to connect all our program participants and volunteers. 

We would love to hear from you if volunteering in Our Journey is something that sparks your interest.

Please let us know by filling in your details below: