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The Jewish Community has a long and proud history of working together with first Australians on their journey towards justice and reconciliation. And in 2023, we had an opportunity to recognise first Australians in our constitution, and give them a say on the issues that matter to their communities.

Stand Up believed that the Voice to Parliament was an important step forward for first Australians and all Australians. We believed it was a step forward towards justice and reconciliation. Because we remember our own story - it reminds us what it is to be voiceless.

That’s why Stand Up, in partnership with JCCV, launched Kol Halev (meaning “call of the heart”), and called on the Jewish Community to raise our voices and campaign for “Yes” alongside first Australians. Over a period of six months, we ran a large number of community based education and panel discussions, as well as a grass roots field campaign. We are proud of the community that joined us to support the modest and generous request that was the Voice to Parliament referendum, despite our disappointment of the result.

You can read the full Impact Report here.

We’ll have a lot more to say soon about how to continue to be involved in this. Make sure to click the button below, and sign up for updates from Kol Halev.


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