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The wait is over.

Now is the time to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice.

Let’s get to work!


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The Jewish Community has a long and proud history of working together with first Australians on their journey towards justice and reconciliation. And this year, we have an opportunity to recognise first Australians in our constitution, and give them a say on the issues that matter to their communities.

It’s an important step forward for first Australians and all Australians. We believe it’s a step forward that the Jewish Community knows to be right. Because we remember our own story - it reminds us what it is to be voiceless.

This year, we have an opportunity to deliver the Voice – to vote Yes in the upcoming referendum, and bring about historic change for first Australians. But if we want it, we need to work for it.  And with the referendum around the corner, we have no time to waste.

That’s why Stand Up is launching Kol Halev (meaning “call of the heart”), and calling on the Jewish Community to raise our voices and campaign for “Yes” alongside first Australians.  

It’s about making sure that our community turns up and votes “Yes” on referendum day.

We’ll have a lot more to say soon about how you can get involved. Make sure to click the button below, and sign up for updates from Kol Halev.


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Kol Halev is a project of Stand Up. Stand Up’s mission is to inspire and mobilise the Australian Jewish community, and work together with marginalised communities to tackle Australia’s most pressing social challenges.


Stand Up is launching Kol Halev with an invitation for partnership across the Australian Jewish Community, and is proud to have the support of its initial partner, the Jewish Community Council of Victoria.




Major events

Engaging educational events to hear and learn from first Australians and leading voices in the Australian community about the referendum

Education and training

Upskilling the community in holding persuasive conversations within their individual or professional networks


Engaging with schools, synagogues and communal organisations to run educational workshops and events in their organisations

Field program

Volunteers engaging with the Jewish community via conversations


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Kol Halev launch event - Melbourne

3 July 2023
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Keynote Speaker: Prof Marcia Langton AO
Panelists: Prof Marcia Langton AO, Jamil Tye and Todd Fernando


Kol Halev launch event - Sydney

20 July 2023
Keynote speaker: Thomas Mayo
Panelists: Thomas Mayo, Shireen Morris and Ruby Langton-Batty
Registration link and further details coming soon.



Partner Organisations



This is an ambitious campaign, which will increase in size, scale and scope with additional resources. To support this campaign and our communal efforts, please consider a donation.


Donate to this campaign


Please get in touch to join this important campaign - we would love to talk to any individuals or communal organisations in the community!
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