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The Kol Halev resource page is a source of general information relating to the upcoming Referendum on the Voice to Parliament, as well as Jewish perspectives on supporting the Voice. Below you will also find upcoming events, information and training sessions that you can attend, and content from previous events run by the Kol Halev team.

We look forward to working with you on this important step towards First Nations justice and reconciliation.


The Voice Backgrounder

Published by AJDS

The People of the Voice

Published by Kehilat Kesher

A Voice for the First Australians

Written by ublished by The Australian Jewish News

Australian Jewish groups and Indigenous politics: “thin and more of a veneer without depth”

Published by J-Wire

We have a responsibility to fight the falsehoods of the No campaign

Written by Robert Lehrer, Published by Plus 61J Media

Antisemitic conspiracy theory mars debate about the Voice

Written by Julie Nathan, Published by J-Wire

Young Australians need to guide their parents and grandparents to vote Yes

Written by Bianca Levin, Published by Plus 61J Media


Coming Soon

Coming Soon



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the First Peoples of Australia and have lived here for more than 65,000 years. But Australia’s Constitution doesn’t recognise their existence nor unique status and connection to the land we live on. This is why later this year, we will have the opportunity to change our Constitution through a Referendum. Through this referendum, referred to as the Voice, all Australians will have a chance to recognise the First People’s rights, history and ongoing relationship with this land and to ensure they are consulted on laws and policies that affect them. 

Read more about our Kol Halev campaign in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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