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Come Together

What is the Program?

Come Together sees First Nations people and Jewish people co-delivering a facilitated ‘conversation’ in Jewish homes, business and community settings about First Nations history and experiences, and linking First Nations justice with Jewish social justice. The program will also help to build the capacity of participants to act as allies for First Nations people.

We are proud to be partnering with Children’s Ground to develop and deliver Come Together. Children’s Ground is led by Aboriginal Communities and is creating a new future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.

How does it work?
There are three ways to be involved:
Host a conversation: Offer to host a conversation with friends or family at your home, business or community and we’ll do the rest.
Join a conversationCome along to one of our sessions to hear from First Nations speakers, connect Jewish values with First nations justice and learn how to be allies for First Nations peoples.
Run a conversationGet trained up to deliver our unique conversations program with a First Nations speaker in Jewish homes and communities in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Our Beliefs
Jewish people and communities have a responsibility to pursue and achieve social justice, from both our religious tradition and communal history.

One of the most significant social justice issues in Australia is the ongoing discrimination that First Nations people experience. This is a multi-layered, deeply complex issue that cuts across government, industry, philanthropy and communities. At Stand Up, we acknowledge the shared history of persecution and discrimination between Jewish and Aboriginal communities, and believe that the Jewish community has a special responsibility to working with First Nations communities towards a better future.

You can read more about our beliefs here. (link to statement of solidarity)

Our Commitment
Stand Up recognises the sovereignty of First Nations peoples in Australia, the ancestral ties between the land and First Nations people.
Stand Up commits to promoting and supporting Self-Determination for First Nations peoples and communities.
Stand Up sees truth telling as a necessary prerequisite to First Nations justice.
Stand Up commits to promoting First Nations voices, histories and experiences within Jewish and Australian society.
Stand Up commits to building the capacity of the Jewish community to work towards reconciliation.