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Past Programs and Reflections

Step Up has inspired, educated and motivated more than 750 young Jewish Australians. Find out more about their experiences, the amazing projects they have completed, and view photos of the course in action.


Participant Reflections

  • "Stand up was a great experience and will stay close to me where ever I go, it will forever be in the back of my mind and I will always think about what I’ve learnt and experienced and how the stand- up program has changed me forever." – Steven
  • "I have learnt that not only adults can make a difference but also young children can make a difference. Stand up has been a great experience because I have learnt so many ways I can help the world." – Lara
  • "I had a lot of fun at Stand Up ABC and I learnt so much. My favourite part was when we went to Dandenong and I like just talking to different types of people. I am now encouraged to stand up for lots of things that I didn’t even know about before I came to Stand Up ABC." – Isaac
  • "Stand Up ABC has challenged me to step into disadvantaged people’s shoes. I have learnt about refugees, poverty, fair trade, Aboriginals, and many other issues. I feel privileged that I could be a part of the program and it has inspired me to do my bit in making the world a better place." – Asha
  • "It was hard work but totally worth it. My best part was the concert at the end! I can’t believe how much money we raised and I’m so glad that Stand Up showed us that even though we are just kids we can make a difference in the world" – Jess
  • "I learnt that even the smallest of actions can change the world. We learnt how to break the poverty cycle, what Rambam’s different levels of giving are, and that we can stand up for what we think is wrong and right, like William Cooper. My favourite part of Stand Up ABC was the people. Stand Up was an incredible experience." – Romy
  • "Before Stand Up ABC, I didn’t know how many things were going on around the world – extreme poverty, animal welfare issues, rainforest destruction and how many people want to come to Australia – to be safe. I really enjoyed Stand Up because it has really put things into perspective for me, how lucky I am and how it would be to walk in another person’s shoes."- Rory


Past Action Projects

Many participants go on to do some inspiring action projects. They do this by combining their passions and hobbies with an issue they are passionate about.

  • Jenna collected second hand dance shoes and costumes to donate to Dance for All, a charity that runs dance programs for underprivileged students in South Africa.
  • Benjamin hosted a soccer game to raise money and collect soccer boots to help underprivileged kids who don’t get a chance to play soccer. He donated to the Reagan Milstein Foundation.
  • Marcus wanted to help asylum seekers. He organised a kids versus parents basketball match and requested a gold coin donation to raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. It was a really fun day and he raised $345 for the ASRC.
  • Jess & Gia ran a Dance Day holiday camp & raised $360 for the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society. Great effort for a good cause!
  • Tilly and her mum were matched up with a Sudanese family in Sunshine (suburb of Melbourne) through Stand Up’s Encounters program. Each week they spend time with the family, encouraging cross-cultural exchange, ongoing friendships and English support.
  • Kayla organised a book drive that collected over 300+ books that she donated to The Ardoch Youth Foundation. These second-hand books enabled 200 children from less privileged backgrounds to take books home (many for the first time) and improve their reading skills.
  • Zane and Daniel created an amazing ‘K9’s Across Sydney’ action project. They invited their friends and dogs to a fun day of activities and competitions in the park, raising $1253 for the RSPCA.
  • Anna is passionate about animal welfare and loves art. She hosted an art exhibition at her home, showcasing her own art, and raised over $600 for Stand Up and the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.
  • Dara raised over $570 for The Royal Children’s Hospital by breeding and selling stick insects and speaking at her school assembly.
  • Gemma and Ellah raised funds and collected sanitary items through their school for Share the Dignity.
  • Liat connected with a young asylum seeker girl and initiated a toy drive at her school Moriah College to be sent to Christmas Island.
  • Mikaela and Tali sewed beautiful blankets out of donated materials and then donated them to Mum for Mum and the Salvation Army Women’s Shelter.