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Giselle Davey

Giselle Davey was the winner of the 2018 Gandel Young Leader Award (Vic). She ultilised her love for swimming to support a cause close to her and her family’s hearts. After completing Stand Up ABC, as part of the UJEB Bat Mitzvah program, Giselle decided to raise funds in support of the Ardoch Youth Foundation. Giselle raised over $1300 by challenging herself to swim as many laps as physically possible over the course of one hour, and managed to cover an amazing 4km through her efforts.

I graduated out of Stand Up ABC wanting to make a change. Making a change in the world is possible even if you are not in a position of power. Doing something small for a few people is still a significant change. Swimming is something that I enjoy, and wanted to combine my passion with helping others.