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Abby Slonim

Abby completed the Stand Up ABC course in 2014 and was awarded the Gandel Young Leader Award 2014 (Vic). For her action project she started a little social enterprise called Abbacookie. Each month she bakes cookies, sells them, and donates 25% to support people with disabilities. She and her family were inspired by the program and decided to organise a special, cross-cultural celebration for her Bat Mitzvah. She compiled a cook book with Jewish and Sudanese recipes, and then had a fantastic challah baking party at the Stand Up Sudanese Homework club. Abby is a true mensch and her dedication to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is admirable and inspirational.

Many young people think, I don’t need to change the world. How am I going to change it if I’m only 12 years old? Someone else can change the world. If everyone thinks like that, and no one stands up to make a difference, the world will never change.