Together, we Stand Up!

Diversity, hope and kindness

Our collective world undeniably changed on October 7. The devastating horrors that occurred in Israel, the taking of hostages, the subsequent war in Gaza & concerning rise in antisemitism have left the Australian Jewish community spinning.

During these times we need to continue to be contributing members of the wider community, solidifying our relationships with allies who can Stand Up alongside us.

Stand Up’s programs and volunteers represent the very best of the Jewish Community to many people. We regularly engage with communities in Australia who may not have ever met a Jewish person. We build deep connections with multicultural communities who become our allies and advocate with us.

We know from anecdotal stories over 20+ years that one of the most powerful ways to combat division, hatred and antisemitism is to engage as human beings with other community groups and shine the light upon Jews doing good in the world.

“If we want to fight antisemitism, let us walk tall and proud as Jews, and let us work with all humanity to banish hatred forever.” Rabbi Sacks
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Our World, Our Responsibility.

Together, we Stand Up!


EDUCATE AND INSPIRE young Jewish adults to stand up as proud Jews against division, racism and antisemitism.

Build allyship by working alongside diverse communities in order to learn from each other and Stand Up together to create positive change. 

STRENGTHEN PARTNERSHIPS to create space for open and honest dialogue. We have seen firsthand that the most powerful way to defeat hate and prejudice is through meaningful collaboration, developing understanding and breaking down stereotypes.


"I know that all of the First Nations facilitators involved in the Coming Together Program designed with Stand Up have learnt a lot about each other's practices, history and life experiences...The relationship Australia's First Nations people have with the Jewish people was built on the common theme of human rights and social justice. This common thread has continued and we now stand together to make change".

Stacey Campton

Director, Strategy & Development

Children's Ground - Come Together partner

What your donation can achieve


Will allow a 12 or 13-year-old to participate in our Step Up B’nei Mitzvah social justice program. This program offers teens opportunities to engage meaningfully with their Jewish values and ultimately empowers them to Stand Up and speak proudly about what being Jewish means to them. 


Will help train a young Jewish adult to become a program leader and advocate who will build meaningful relationships between the remote First Nations communities of Toomelah and Boggabilla and the Jewish community.


Will enable us to facilitate a Breaking Bread Shabbat Dinner; an inclusive forum that brings together members of the Jewish community and members of diverse communities to share cultural expression, create a safe space for dialogue, and build powerful connections.

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Our Work




Youth Education

Our work in the education space has never been more crucial; Stand Up’s education programs assist Jewish youth to understand their culture and values and to be better equipped to be able to ‘Stand Up’ to the wave of antisemitism swirling around them. 

Our powerful and inspiring education programs are all grounded in Jewish values and connected to Tikkun Olam. Through partnerships with Jewish schools, synagogues and other organisations we provide young Jewish people with a meaningful and fulfilling expression of their Judaism.

  • in 2023, over 2000 young Jewish participants (aged 12-18) engaged in our education programs;
  • 90% of participants in our B’nei Mitzvah programs developed a clear understanding of the connection between Jewish values and Tikkun Olam.

"What a fabulous program you have provided for the girls. You have broadened their perspective, which is so essential and encouraged them to bring more kindness to the world".  

Michelle, Step Up parent 2023

Community Empowerment

We inspire the Jewish community to deepen their understanding and take action to address pressing social justice concerns. We feature keynote speakers who delve into issues that will engage, educate and inspire the Jewish community:

  • ‘Women. Life. Freedom.’ an engaging event delving into the unfolding protests being led by women in Iran; and 
  • Kol Halev (From the Heart) Campaign — an inspiring project to educate the Jewish community about the First Nations Voice to Parliament referendum. 

We have also supported IsraAID’s humanitarian crisis work in Israel as well as globally, including the devastating earthquakes in Morocco. 

"The beauty of what we saw when partnering with Stand Up was people coming together, irrespective of our beliefs and our religions. When we are united and cohesive, that is when change can happen".

Nos Hosseini, Spokeswomen & Secretary of the Iranian Women’s Association


Launched in 2023, Project Eden is our pioneering new program that supports the work of Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia. Project Eden provides an opportunity for our Jewish community to welcome new arrivals who have been identified by the United Nations as being in urgent need of resettlement.

Stand Up volunteers have been making a real difference to the lives of newly arrived Refugee families by facilitating their relocation and settlement. Not only are they the first people who greet them at the airport, but they are proudly Jewish and welcoming them to our country. 

Sometimes it’s not the money, it’s not that kind of thing, but it’s the human warmth that we have received from you, which has been the most important thing since we haven’t experienced that for a long time and that is what it has made us feel now as well. 

Family from Venezuela, Project Eden


Derech Eretz

The Derech Eretz Program is Stand Up's premier initiative, fostering a profound and enduring 19-year relationship with the First Nations Communities of Toomelah and Boggabilla. This pioneering program links young Jewish adults with Community Elders, orchestrates enriching school holiday activities for the Community's youth, delves into the intricate tapestry of Gomeroi Culture, and ignites a passion for social justice among emerging Jewish leaders.

Over 250 participants have done the program since its inception.

"Derech Eretz was a deeply profound experience. The warmth, trust and generosity we received from Community was amazing. I’ve become more educated, compassionate and understanding as a result."

Rachel, DE Participant 2024


Come Together

Come Together is Stand Up's pivotal Truth Telling program. Through open conversations, we bring First Nations voices, stories and histories into the Jewish community. This strengthens our allyship and moves us together towards self-determination and reconciliation.

Through our partnership with Children’s Ground, we have seen how mutual  allyship and understanding can grow from meaningful partnerships.

Over the coming year, we hope to expand our engagement to include other diverse communities. We believe that dialogue and trust are the first steps towards combating division, racism and antisemitism.

I think truth-telling is the most important current step towards First Nations justice. Next steps will need to be action and changes, but before that this seems to be the way to get Australia on the right understanding of what happened in this country and where we’re at.
– Adam, Come Together participant, 2022

Our History

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