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Project Eden

After years of research, advocacy and imagining, Australia finally has a new community refugee sponsorship program, which commenced in mid 2022. The federal government has partnered with CRSA in the design and delivery of the ‘CRISP’ program – the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot. The program will support 1,500 refugees over four years via help from community groups.

Refugee participants identified as in urgent need of resettlement by the UNHCR are referred into the CRISP program by the Australian government. They come from a wide variety of countries; most have been waiting to resettle in a safe new country for a long time. Sadly CRSA cannot assist individual refugees who are overseas and wish to come to Australia – for more, please see our FAQs.

This is a pioneering program, providing an opportunity for everyday Australians and our Jewish community to welcome new arrivals who have been identified by the United Nations as being in urgent need of resettlement. This program is about forming relationships, creating bonds and making change.
Volunteers will work in groups to support the relocation and settlement of either an individual or family of new arrival refugees. As a group, your responsibilities will include meeting the new arrivals at the airport, finding accommodation, assisting in registration to key services (medicare, bank account, centrelink, schools etc.) and immersing them in the local community. We are looking for volunteers who are able to make a one-year commitment.


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