About The Fellowship

The Stand Up Fellowship inspires and trains the best social impact leaders from within the Jewish community

The Stand Up fellowship seeks to inspire and train the best social impact leaders aged 23 – 32, from within the Jewish community. We envision a world where people are driven by their own sense of purpose, striving to make the global community a better place.

Here at Stand Up we believe we can change the world.

Despite the size of this undertaking, for us the formula is relatively simple: find the right people, help them realise their passion, purpose and potential, surround them with a tribe of like-minded supporters, inspirers and collaborators and give them the best tools, skills and strategies to make a difference.

The result? We‘ve created what we believe is one of the most powerful learning journey’s in the Australian social impact landscape. If you are passionate about self-exploration, growth, connection, collaboration and creating social or environmental change, then this program is for you.

The Fellowship

Now in its fifth year, the Stand Up Fellowship is a powerful journey for individuals dedicated to making a positive change in the world we live in.

You will become part of an incredible community of change makers and be given the tools to tackle the social issues you are passionate about in order to lead the way in affecting change.

Over a series of workshops, encounters, gatherings and escapes with some of Australia’s leading figures in social change – from the CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to the Director of The School of Life – you will be trained and guided along your change-making journey.

We will be both a sounding board and an incubator for your ideas and will teach you how to go from idea to action. More importantly, we will hold you accountable so you will actually bring your ideas to life. We will support you with these action projects whether they be a commitment to bring about a certain change in your life, a new social or environmental venture or something innovative you’d like to create from within an existing organisation or workplace.

You will be provided with access to cutting edge resources and tools you may never otherwise hear about and we’ll give you full access to our incredible network of mentors.

Since 2014, we have trained 68 Fellows to become the change they wish to see in the world and their community.


A lot. But to make it easier, we’ve broken down some highlights of our program below for you.

‘Taking part in the Stand Up Fellowship created an arena for self-discovery and provided the fellows with resources, skills and experiences to pursue personal goals among strong networks of like-minded people. I would highly recommend this Fellowship to anyone who is self-driven, determined and motivated to make a change and wants guidance and support along the way’.

— Genna, 2017 Fellow

“I’m optimistic for my fellows and the journey we are setting out on together. And optimistic for our world, as there are so many smart, passionate and practical young people ready and able to make positive change.’

— Rivka, 2017 Fellow


‘I was so close to missing out on what has been one of the best decisions and opportunities I have experienced…thank you for taking us on this beautiful, open and challenging journey, for introducing me to my Melbourne Family and lifelong crew, for providing opportunities to learn so much from both of you, our group, the amazing workshops and speakers!’

— Leah, 2016 Fellow


Change-makers who have previously spoken to our Fellows. 

·       Melissa Castan: Deputy Director for the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

·       Elliott Costello: Co-founder and CEO of YGAP

·       Mark Dreyfus QC MP: Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for the Arts

·       Justine Flynn: co-founder and Director of Brand and People at Thankyou Group

·       Kaj Lofgren: Director of The School of Life

·       Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM: CEO and Founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

·       Jan Owen AM: CEO, of Foundation for Young Australians

·       David Ritter: CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific

·       Benson Saulo: National Director of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy

·       Rebecca Scott: CEO of STREAT

·       Evan Thornley: Founding director of Getup and former CEO of Better Place Australia


The Fellowship utilises 4 simple pathways to educate and inspire in each of our two cities.


We believe immersion retreats are the most effective way to build community and to have deep, meaningful conversations. That’s why the fellowship includes the opportunity to escape the city to a beautiful natural surrounding, offering the fellows a chance to escape from the activity of daily life whilst providing space for reflection, co-creation and the building of their community.


Encounters take fellows out on excursions to delve deeper into a diverse collection of social impact pathways, engaging them with their cities change-makers and providing detailed insights into the nuts and bolts of how such organisations run, overcome challenges and excel in their fields. Encounters will be run on Sundays.


Workshops will be focused on learning practical new skills, tools or frameworks. Due to our connections with leading organisations in the social impact and Design Thinking space, we have access to some of the leading practices worldwide. There will be one encounter or workshop run on a Sunday each month for the duration of the Fellowship.


Gatherings will usually take place one evening a month. A time for the Fellowship group to check-in, share ideas, process and reflect upon our journey so far; enjoying the chance to re-connect with our community.

But wait there’s still more…

The Fellowship is enhanced by some additional opportunities.