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VIC Tikkun Retreat 2024

Join us for a special parent-child retreat in nature! Strengthen your bond while immersing in the beauty of the outdoors.

This retreat enriches the Bnei Mitzvah coming-of-age experience.


The Retreat is for current Year 7/8 students and their parent/carer.

  • Exploring shifts in identity & relationships for Bnei Mitzvah
  • Nature-based challenge activities
  • Examining Personal & Family Value systems
  • Connecting to heritage & Peoplehood
  • Unpacking the Role of the Parent in Rites of Passage Moments
  • Considering our future selves and what we bring to the world
  • How to Embrace Change, Challenge & Responsibility as Bnei Mitzvah
  • Freetime for Outdoor Exploration & Connection


Conatct : [email protected]