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Sidra Moshinsky

Sidra is Head of Jewish Life at the King David School.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (University of Melbourne), Masters of Arts (University of Melbourne), Diploma of Education.

Dr Arnold Shmerling

Arnold is a founding member of Jewish Aid Australia and One Umbrella (now FareShare). Arnold was also a Senior Lecturer in the Department of General Practice at Monash University.

Qualifications: Medical Doctor.

Ian Jankelowitz

Ian is the consumer marketing lead at Microsoft Australia, working across brands including Xbox, Windows, Office & Surface. Ian was one of the founders of the Derech Eretz program with his cousin Melanie Schwartz.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), MBA (Wake Forest University).

Fran Rutstein

Fran is an integral part of the team as Stand Up's Administration Assistant. Fran started volunteering for Stand Up because she wanted to give back to the community, making a difference where she could. Now she assists staff in both the Melbourne and Sydney offices.

Click here to email Fran.

Max Korman

Max is Stand Up's new Education Coordinator, working closely with Jewish schools and the community to build deep, relevant and regular programming for young Jewish students. With new and regular programs, Max's expertise and dedication aims to create empowering social justice journeys for Jewish youth. Max has spent years facilitating, developing and analysing programs as an experienced educator and mentor in Habonim Dror Australia and across the Jewish community. He recently completed his Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts, driven by a passion for human rights, social justice and community. 

Click here to email Max.

Joel McCarroll

Joel is the coordinator of Stand Up’s new program, aiming to bring conversations around First Nations justice into jewish living rooms and communities. Joel is studying Social Justice and History at Macquarie University and has a background in Netzer and the Progressive Jewish world. Joel previously coordinated Stand Up ABC (Step Up) in Sydney for two years.

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Why does Stand Up exist when there are so many other not-for-profits doing similar work?


We are the only Jewish organisation in Australia whose focus is to empower vulnerable non-Jewish communities. We specialise in youth engagement with a focus on leadership training and capacity building.

How does Stand Up measure impact?


Every program is evaluated to ensure that we are achieving our mission of empowering communities, and to improve programs over time.

By having built long term relationships with the Sudanese and Indigenous communities, we are able to interview program participants, volunteers and partner communities to record testimonials, and to show how goals and outcomes are being met.

We utilise a participatory approach when it comes to developing, planning, implementing and evaluating our programs. Methodologies include:

  • Community consultation
  • Data accumulation, summary and interpretation
  • Participant evaluation forms
  • Participant pre and post attitudinal surveys
  • Participant focus group sessions
  • Volunteer reflection sessions

Is Stand Up a political organisation?


No, we are not a political organisation. We don’t align ourselves with a political party. Occasionally, we speak up against social injustices and human rights abuses.

What is Stand Up's position on the Arab-Israeli conflict?


Stand Up only engages in political discourse regarding campaigns with which we’re actively involved and for the purpose of promoting those projects. We are not currently involved in any campaign that relates to Israel and Palestine.

Our aim is to work with vulnerable communities in Australia. We currently do not work with any communities in Israel or the Middle East.

As a Jewish organisation, we recognise Israel as the sovereign expression of the Jewish people’s right of self-determination.  We support the long held two-state solution to achieve a long lasting peace.

We will not fund or work with any organisation whose policy or actions give sufficient cause to believe that they do not recognise Israel’s right to exist as the sovereign state of the Jewish people. We will not partner with any organisation that demonstrates an antagonistic position towards Israel and the peace efforts in the Middle East. We do careful due diligence before partnering with any organisation to ensure that our values align.

We applaud the excellent work of Jewish organisations in Australia that raise funds for and awareness about social justice and poverty in Israel.