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Kayla Fox

Kayla is the Gandel Young Leader Award Winner in 2017. Kayla was inspired after doing Stand Up ABC to collect over 300+ secondhand books that she donated to the Ardoch Youth Foundation. Kayla's donation via Ardoch gave 200 less privileged kids the opportunity to take books home (some for the first time) and improve their literacy levels.

Mazel Tov Kayla!

Gary Samowitz

Gary Samowitz was Stand Up's first CEO, serving for more than ten years. He is passionate about social change and experiential learning. Gary told the Australian Jewish News that he considered his work with Sudanese refugees, building and strengthening relationships between Indigenous elders and Jewish children, and the publication of Stand Up’s Haggadot as some of the highlights of his time at Stand Up. Thank you Gary for all your work to build Stand Up into what it is today.

Today, being Jewish is a choice and there’s a lot of competing interests out there. We need to make being Jewish inspiring and not something you do purely out of guilt. I don’t feel guilt is sustaining.

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Does Stand Up provide kosher meals?


Yes. There will always be kosher food available to volunteers who have requested kosher food, and all our major events are strictly kosher.

Do you have volunteering opportunities for children?


From time to time we have opportunities for children to get involved. We believe it’s vital that children are introduced to values of giving and social justice from an early age. For more information please contact [email protected].