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Step Up NSW 2024 July Intensive

Date:  8th July - 10th July 2024                           

Time:  9am - 2.30pm          

Location:  Mandelbaum House

                 Located in: The University of Sydney

Step Up Intensive Programs: 
The Step Up Intensives offer a dynamic, fun and powerful educational experience.

Step Up participants get the unique opportunity to meet with First
Nations speakers and survivors and refugees from Rwanda and Burundi.

Our program is dedicated to the concept of Tikkun Olam - Repairing the
World. How do we empower Jewish youth to make individual and
collective choices that will help repair the world?

Step Up believes education always plays an essential role and our
Intensive can play a positive role in your child's growing
understanding of their  responsibilities to their fellow human beings
and the world around them.

Will you come?

$385.00 Full Price