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Melbourne Step Up Dates

Step Up is Stand Up's program designed for Bnei Mitzah aged students as they journey and begin to explore Jewish adulthood. Offering students both an introduction and invitation to the world of social justice, Step Up invites students to take a step up and embrace the challenges as well as their responsibility to the world around them.

Offered in two different formats, our term programs and intensives, Step Up covers issues that are relevant and tangible including climate change and extreme poverty. The Step Up program hopes to empower young people to engage with social issues and support efforts for social justice.  The program also hopes to highlight to young people the centrality of Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Tzedakah (justice) and Chessed (kindness) in our ambitions and efforts to foster positive change. 



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Step Up Term Programs
Offered as seven 1.5 hour sessions on Sunday afternoon, Step Up term programs explore some of the most pressing social justice issues facing young Australian's today and what it means, or rather what it looks like to become a champion for change. Each session has an individual focus which ties back to Jewish values as motivators for justice. Topics covered in the term program:
  • What is happening in the world and who am I?
  • Extreme poverty & wealth inequality
  • Refugees, asylum seekers & migrants
  • Climate change
  • Reconciliation & First Nation peoples
  • Allyship & responsibility
  • Taking action 

Dates offered: 

  • Term 3: 17 July - 4 September (program will skip 4 August as it is Tisha B'Av)
Step Up Intensive Programs
Step Up intensives are a holiday program designed to explore social justice in the world around us. Combining elements of our term program with excursions, intensive programs are a great way to get your child thinking about the challenges facing our global community. 
Dates offered:
  • April Intensive: 11 - 13 April