The Well

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The Well is our online platform for in depth and insightful discussion about contemporary social justice issues. Join us around the well each month as we explore a new issue.

The Well is where the Australian Jewish conscience gathers to drink. Since communities first formed, the well sustained life.

The Well is the first online periodical in Australia devoted to Jewish voices on social justice. A sample of topics already covered includes: reconciliation, asylum seekers, international development, and homosexuality and religion. Each month a prominent Australian puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and writes an insightful and inspirational piece on a range of issues. Each piece is complemented with related resources and links and ways for the community to engage in the conversation.

Join us at The Well each month as new voices are heard. Importantly, join the discussion, engage with the community threads, find Around the Well on the site and be taken down new paths. Be part of the journey as The Well goes deeper.


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