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An innovative education experience for Bar and Bat mitzvah aged kids. 





  • Stand Up’s Bnei Mitzvah Program empowers young Jewish Australians to become changemakers in the community by upholding the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World), Tzedek (Justice) and Chessed (Kindness).
  • Stand Up And Be Counted engages participants to explore and address 21st century challenges such as social inequality, the plight of refugees and asylum seekers and the effects of climate change.
  • The program offers hands on volunteering opportunities to expand participants’ impact on the Jewish and wider community.

Get to know Hannah Weinberg, our dynamic Stand Up ABC Coordinator (Melbourne) here.


What are we standing up for? - Program 1
After getting to know their fellow participants with fun games and group trust challenges, Stand Up-ers will explore the idea of ‘modern plagues’;injustices that afflict the modern world such as homelessness, extreme poverty, racism and climate change. Inspired by Jewish concepts of Tzedek (justice), Chessed (kindness), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Stand Up-ers will delve into what a Bar/Bat Mitzvah really means.

Tzedek  (Justice) - Program 2: Social Inequality. How Can We Address These Problems?
Through establishing an in-depth and modern understanding of Tzedek, Stand Up-ers will practically consider the challenges of social injustices such as extreme poverty, gender inequality and discrimination. Stand-Upers will then discuss possible solutions to the world’s greatest problems using their knowledge of Tzedek.

Tzedek  (Justice) - Program 3: Social Inequality  - Volunteering Experience (eg: homelessness, food insecurity and disability awareness)
As their first volunteering experience, Stand Up-ers will be given the opportunity to harness their understanding of Tzedek and begin to give back to the community around them. Stand Up-ers and their families will engage with  communities in need, with a focus on the ways young Jewish adults can help alleviate social inequality in Australia.

Chessed (Kindness) - Program 4: Refugees & Asylum Seekers. Who Am I Responsible For?
Stand Up-ers will consider the concept of responsibility by looking at the attitudes of our ancestors Noah and Abraham. Reflecting on our history of exile, Stand Up-ers will learn about the Jewish value of ‘Welcoming the Stranger’. After gaining an understanding of today’s global refugee crisis, they will debate amongst themselves the important issues that young people should ‘Stand Up’ for. . After exploring the meaning of Chessed, participants will begin to connect the dots between the refugee experience and Jewish values.

Chessed (Kindness) - Program 5: Excursion to Dandenong.  Refugees & Their Personal Stories.
Beginning with a fun scavenger hunt around the Dandenong Market, participants will be exposed to the diverse cultures that flourish in Melbourne, whilst also gaining an understanding of how and why people take refuge in Australia. Stand Up-ers will have the unique opportunity to hear from a member of the Sudanese community about the challenges they faced when arriving in Australia as a refugee. Stand Up-ers will be able to ask questions, and learn about the unique way in which the Jewish Community supports other refugee communities.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) - Program 6: Climate Change. What Are Our Responsibilities?
Stand Up-ers will be exposed to the current debate about climate change. Stand Up-ers will learn about Judaim’s approach to preserving the natural world, and why, as young Jewish adults, we are responsible for protecting our environment. Participants will gain ideas and tools to equip them to Stand Up as climate activists for  the future.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) - Program 7: Climate Change. Volunteering Experience.
Participants will volunteer with organisations that are focused on reducing climate change and protecting the Australian environment. Participants will learn about the most effective ways to help preserve  our environment.

Change - Makers Seminar - Program 8: How to Take Action & Lead Change?
Parents and families are invited to this final session where an inspiring guest speaker will present strategies for creating change in the community. Stand-Up graduates will teach their families about the core values explored during the program. Families and participants will be presented with 3-4 possible ‘Action Projects’, and families will decide which project they’d like to work on. The Action Projects are designed to give Stand Up-ers the skills and inspiration so they can continue to make a difference in the Jewish and wider community.



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April holiday program – Stand Up HQ Malvern (click for dates)
Day 1: Sunday 5th April (9am – 3:30pm)
Day 2: Monday 6th April (9am – 3:30pm)
Day 3: Tuesday 7th April (9am – 3:30pm)

Term 2 (click here for dates)
Program 1: Sunday 12th April @ Stand Up HQ Malvern
Program 2: Sunday 19th April @ Stand Up HQ Malvern
Program 3: Sunday 26th April – Volunteering
Program 4: Sunday 3rd May @ Stand Up HQ Malvern
Program 5: Sunday 10th May – Volunteering
Program 6: Sunday 17th May @ Stand Up HQ Malvern
Program 7: Sunday 24th May – Volunteering
Program 8: Sunday 31st May – Change-Making Seminar

Term 3 (click for dates)
Day 1: Sunday 2nd August
Day 2: Sunday 31st August
October intensive (click for dates)
Day 1: 30th of September
Day 2: 1st of October
Day 3: 2nd of October

  • If necessary, subsidies are available towards your fee.
  • Class sizes: we only take 12 students per group

For more information, or to get on the waiting list for other school terms, please contact our education team at or (03) 9500 2206