‘Shine a Light’ Chanukah kids activity

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‘Shine a Light’ – Chanukah kids activity

The story of Chanukah is all about Standing Up and taking action to protect what you believe in! Use this resource on the 8 nights of Chanukah, and help shine a light on social justice.

Print your ‘Shine a Light’ HERE

How to use it:

1. Print it – Print the 6-page pdf DOUBLE SIDED.

**The design might look out of order as it is intended to be printed double sided.

2. Cut it – Cut along the perforated lines to create 8 candles and one large Chanukiah (candle holder).

3. Chat it  – There is a paper candle and an accompanying social justice question for the 8 nights of the festival to explore with family and friends.

4. Share it – We’d love to see photos of you using your ‘Shine a Light’. Send your photos to #StandUpChanukah

** Thank you to Frankie Hossack Designs