What Would You Do

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Injecting a dose of humanity back into the asylum seeker conversation.

Key Information

If you were a Hazara father of a family fearing for their lives from the Taliban in Afghanistan, or a mother of a family fearing for her life and her families life in a war-torn, dictatorship-driven Somalia, What would YOU do?

Stand Up’s biggest campaign to date embarks on a difficult yet attainable task: to instil the basic humanity back into the Australian discourse on asylum seekers and refugees.

This campaign was launched by Australian thought-leaders on asylum seekers – Kon Karapanagiotidis, David Manne and Michael Gawenda.

Through various campaign activities, a new interactive website and video, the mobilization of business and community leaders and the exposure of asylum seeker stories, we hope to galvanize the Jewish community around a fresh conversation, infused with renewed compassion.

‘What would you do?'” is the very question we need to be asking in this conversation”
– Julian Burnside AO QC



  • Visit the campaign site here and share your thoughts on: What Would You Do?
  • Like the campaign’s facebook page here.
  • Stand Up is proud to be a signatory of the Refugee Council of Australia’s recommendations on a new approach to processing asylum seekers. Click here to read the statement.


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View our campaign video which reached over 500 000 people on social media and was viewed over 25 000 times on YouTube: