25th Birthday

25 Challenge

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Step outside your comfort zone by starting your own unique ’25 Challenge’. Your support will help raise funds for Stand Up’s education and capacity building programs, and ensure a future 25 years of social justice impact.

Current 25 Challenges

These Upstanders below are celebrating Stand Up’s birthday by helping to raise funds for our capacity building programs. #belikethem

  • Lionel Appleboom & friends will be ‘Riding for Change’ in support of Stand Up’s iCan program, a weekly tutoring program for Sudanese students in years 10 to 12. Please support their bike riding challenge here

Start your 25 Challenge Crowdraiser here



Create your own individual or team ’25 Challenge’ & help raise essential funds to support Stand Up’s social justice programs.

Step 1: Click on the link below to set up your ’25 Challenge’ Crowdraiser* page. It’s easy to do!

Step 2: Select STAND UP as the charity you are supporting. See image below

Step 3: Describe what you will undertake as your personal or team ’25 Challenge’. You may wish to mention a specific Stand Up program that you are fundraising for.

Step 4: Gather support by sharing a link to your page with family, friends, work colleagues, your school etc.

Start your 25 Challenge Crowdraiser here


 *Crowdraiser is a peer to peer fundraising product of Give Now, a platform that supports non-profits and takes the lowest commission in the industry.

Need some help? Contact Stand Up for further ideas, assistance or suggestions for programs that need your vital support  – tel: 03 9500 2206, email: events@standup.org.au

Start your 25 Challenge Crowdraiser here


Completed Challenges

  • Lisa Buchner and her team of friends took up the challenge of climbing the 1000 Steps together covering a total of 25,000 steps in one day. Funds raised will help support Stand Up’s Refugee Support Programs.
  • Isla, Addie and Arlo’s 25 day challenge was to each have a ‘nude’ school lunchbox (no single use of plastic) for 25 days. Funds raised will help support Stand Up’s Refugee Women’s Groups programs.
  • Lyla’s challenge was to pack  plastic free ‘nude’ lunchbox for 25 consecutive days at school. Funds raised will help support Stand Up’s schools programs.
  • Gary Samowitz’s challenge was to climb the 1000 steps 10 times to celebrate 10 years as Stand Up’s CEO. Funds raised will help support Stand Up’s Aboriginal youth empowerment camps.
  • Paul Kron & friends completed a a long distance bike riding challenge, in support of Stand Up’s iCan Sudanese youth tutoring program.
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