Refugee Support

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Empowering refugees from Darfur and the Nuba Mountains with the skills, knowledge and networks to achieve their potential in Australia.

Key Information

Thousands of refugees have fled the ongoing crisis and conflict in Sudan to make a new life for themselves and their families in Australia. These groups are some of the most vulnerable communities in Australia, experiencing isolation along with social and financial hardship. Our programs, developed in partnership with Sudanese leaders from the Darfur and Nuba Mountains communities, provide opportunities for capacity building and empowerment.

Although Australia facilitates resettlement of refugees through Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS), these services are only available to newly arrived refugees (classified as having arrived in Australia 5 years ago or less). Once this period has expired, government settlement services cease. Individuals often remain isolated without knowledge or contacts with other service availability in the region, contributing to a cycle of disadvantage.

“While this program is a buzz with excitement, loud conversation, laughter and the whirring of numerous sewing machines, it is also a safe place for these women to come to each week, to practice English, to relax, catch up with old and new friends and ask for, and receive help, when needed”.
– Lisa Buchner, Refugee Programs Director

After the government settlement period ceases, many continue to face a variety of barriers that prevent them from reaching their true potential. These barriers include: English language confidence and knowledge; a lack of transferrable and employable skills; a lack of understanding of Australian culture; a lack of knowledge regarding service availability and negative public perceptions about refugee communities. Stand Up’s Refugee Support programs aim to address some of these challenges through creating a true partnership with the Sudanese participants; up-skilling participants to work towards their own goals; emphasising project ownership, and working towards achieving collaborative approach to project design, implementation and evaluation.


We tailor our programs specifically to the evolving needs of these communities through regular communication with participants and in consultation with the communities’ leaders. Our programs are holistic and work with women, men and children, providing opportunities to maximise their potential.



The Encounters program provides Sudanese community members with one on one mentoring and/or scholarships to assist in developing skills and knowledge.
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Women’s group 

Aims to empower the women to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence to be self-sufficient and an active member of their local community  
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Youth engagement 

Stand Up works with young Sudanese community members to provide education support and recreation opportunities as a means to develop positive self-esteem and confidence.
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