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An innovative education experience for Bar and Bat mitzvah aged kids. 





  • Stand Up And Be Counted (ABC) empowers young Jewish Australians to become changemakers in the community by upholding Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah and Chessed
  • Stand Up ABC engages participants to explore and address 21st century challenges: social cohesion, poverty alleviation, equitable distribution of wealth and human rights
  • SHABBATON WEEKEND-AWAY* experiences are an exciting new experiential component of the Stand Up ABC program in Melbourne. 

*This component is not offered every term or during 3-day holiday programs. For more information, enquire at 

Get to know Raphi Janover-Rocha, our dynamic Stand Up ABC Coordinator (Melbourne) here.


Program 1: Standing Up. What are we standing up for?
After getting to know their fellow participants with games and group challenges, Stand Up-ers will explore the idea of Modern Plagues; injustices that afflict the modern world like homelessness, extreme poverty, racism and climate change. Stand Up-ers will be encouraged to think about which issue they feel particularly passionate. Inspired by Jewish concepts of Tzedek (justice) and Chessed (kindness), Stand Up-ers will consider what a bar/bat mitzvah really means.

Program 2: Abraham’s tent. Who am I responsible to?
Stand Up’ers will explore the concept of responsibility by looking at the attitudes of our ancestors Noah and Abraham. They will debate amongst themselves who they need to Stand Up for and learn why our Jewish history has taught us to welcome the stranger. Finally Stand Up-ers will prepare for program 5, by sharing some of their own family stories of survival and relocation, and gaining an understanding of the basic refugee crisis that exists in the world today.

Program 3: Multicultural exchange. Excursion to Dandenong Connecting to the wider community.
This is a unique experience for Stand Up-ers to hear from a member of the Sudanese community about some of the challenges faced when arriving in Australia as a refugee. It is a time for Stand Up-ers to listen, ask questions, and gain appreciation for the wonderful city we live in. The scavenger hunt around the Dandenong Market is a fun and engaging way to learn about the diverse cultures that flourish in Melbourne.

Program 4: Mini-governments. Why do the modern plagues exist in the world today?
Stand Up-ers will be faced with the task of being in charge of their own country. With a limited budget, they will have to decide what their money should go towards, and what must be sacrificed. Stand Up- ers will see how wealth is distributed around the world, and consider why it is spread in that way. Finally, they take action, by sharing what they learn through the creation of a video campaign.

Program 5: Poverty Cycle. What does it mean to live on less than $2 a day?
Through a fun shopping excursion, Stand Up-ers will practically consider the challenges of extreme poverty. Stand Up-ers will then be given the chance to discuss possible solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems. Using the concept of Tzedakah, Stand Up-ers will learn that the Jewish approach to helping others is as relevant as ever.

Program 6: The Indigenous Experience. How can we use knowledge to stand up against inequality?
Stand Up-ers will learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, their history, and their current-day disadvantage. Stand Up-ers will understand why we as a Jewish community are responsible to play an active role in reconciliation and leave with ideas and tools to keep Standing Up for indigenous rights, recognition and repair.

Program 7: Think big, start small. How can I put my values into action?
In this session Stand Up-ers will reflect on what they have learnt in previous weeks, and formulate an action project – an initiative to help a cause they care about. Stand Up-ers will see that no one is too young to make a difference, and will think about how they can use their skills and interests to change the world!

Program 8: Finale. How can I share my experience with my family?
Parents and families are invited to this final session where Stand Up-ers will run mini-workshops from the program for their families. Stand Up-ers will also share their ideas for action and obtain family input. It is a perfect opportunity for participants to share their reflections from the Stand Up program as they graduate, and for families to see what their children have been learning through the weeks.




Click below for further details

April holiday program – Stand Up HQ Malvern (click for dates)
Program 1-3: Wednesday 1st April (9am – 3:30pm)
Program 4-6: Thursday 2nd April (9am – 3:30pm)
Program 7-8: Friday 3rd April (9am – 3:30pm)

Term 2 – Stand Up HQ Malvern (click here for dates)
Program 1: Sunday 26th April (afternoon)
Program 2-4: Shabbaton Weekend Friday 1st – Saturday Night 2nd May
Program 5: Sunday 10th May (afternoon)
Program 6: Sunday 17th May (afternoon)
Program 7: Sunday 24th May (afternoon)
Program 8: Sunday 31st May (TBA)

October holiday program – Stand Up HQ Malvern (click for dates)
Program 1-3: Tuesday 29th September (9am – 3:30pm)
Program 4-6: Wednesday 30th September (9am – 3:30pm)
Program 7-8: Thursday 1st October (9am – 3:30pm)

Term 4 – Stand Up HQ Malvern (click here for dates)
Program 1: Sunday 11th October (afternoon)
Program 2-4: Shabbaton Weekend Friday 16th – Saturday Night 17th October
Program 5: Sunday 25th October (afternoon)
Program 6: Sunday 1st November (afternoon)
Program 7: Sunday 8th November (afternoon)

  • Stand Up ABC Cost: $385. Additional $100 when Shabbaton component is offered (incl. all meals, accommodation and transport).
  • If necessary, subsidies are available towards your fee.
  • Class sizes: we only take 12 students per group

For more information, please contact our education team at or (03) 9500 2206

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